You and Me:

The song Eiffel sent me is called “You and Me.” When I looked up the lyrics, I could really relate it to the overall theme of the Beijing Olympics. The chorus is short but conveys the main message of the song:

You and me
From one world
Heart to heart
We are one family
For dreams we travel
Thousands of miles
We meet in Beijing
Come together
The joy we share

You and me
From one world
Forever we are one family

This song was sung in the Beijing Olympics in both Chinese and English. Its message reflects unity and friendship and was a perfect relation with the Olympic Games theme: “One World, One Dream.” Eiffel liked this song because it was slow and brought a sense of peace. When she listened to it, she pictured herself looking up at the shining stars and having a warm breeze hit her. This song is a perfect example of world peace because it strongly sends the message of family and loving one another.